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Antenna cannot lock the satellite

Antenna operating normally status: after power on for 30s the antenna will complete zero search self-check, the modem will complete self-check for 80s, then the antenna begins to search the satellite and acquire the satellite within 3 minutes. Except the following status:

1) Current satellite pointing direction is blocked

2) Current location is beyond satellite coverage or the signal is weak

3) Weather condition (local or hub station with rain attenuation)

4) The equipment cannot acquire the satellite ( restart to check whether there is warning information)

  The antenna acquire satellite with ESN0 but cannot access to the network

The antenna acquire the satellite normally with ESN0 display. The 4 lights on Modem are green which means the link and functions operating normally. There is ESN0 but the antenna cannot access to the network and after acquire will lost the satellite and researching the satellite. The situation is caused by the followings:

1) Current position is at the edge of coverage, the uplink signal is weak.

2) Abnormal Modem configuration (Tx is not open, power supply of BUC is not open or the Tx power is not enough, etc)

3) Uplink hardware is abnormal ( BUC, MODEM trouble)

4)Tx cable abnormal (loosen, trouble)

  The antenna can normally acquire satellite but cannot access to the internet

The internet access account is normal but cannot surf the internet, may caused by following situations:

1) Service cable is blocked

2) Network trouble

3) Equipment trouble

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